Meeting Recap for December 4, 2013

Today’s meeting was another fun one with lots of laughter. The theme was “Another 20 Days Until What???”  Our Toastmaster Cheryl E started the meeting with helpful tips on how to have a stress free holiday season.

Due to the parlous (WOTD courtesy of grammarian Rick S) driving conditions with snow and ice and cancellations on roles, there was a last minute shuffle of assignments.  Many thanks to new member Carmina L for stepping up to take the Table Topics Master role just 5 minutes before the meeting. Carmina did a fantastic job! *loud applause*

The first speaker Michelle A gave a very well researched speech on “Gay Adoption”.  Michelle presented arguments ‘for’ and ‘against’ allowing gay couples and gay individuals to adopt children. She gave research findings either backing up or refuting commonly held assumptions.

The second speaker Becky C gave a humorous impromptu speech on Santa’s Flying Reindeer, mushrooms, Coca Cola’s advertising campaign, and Santa’s rosy red cheeks. Who would have guessed why those cute little reindeer can fly so high!

For Table Topics, Carmina asked Gilbert G, “What is your professional aspiration for 5 years from now?” Gilbert’s answer was, “I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing now.” How many of us can say that? For the second Table Topics question, Carmina asked Dennis E,”If you were CEO of your company, what legacy would you like to leave behind?” The answer was, “A transcendental organization!” *just joking*

The evaluation portion of the meeting was led by Clair S, who stepped up for the role late this morning. Her evaluators were Rich S and Lorianne O who both gave helpful evaluations. Did you know that the Soviet Union changed the color of Santa’s coat from red to blue?
The Wizard of Ah’s was Dennis E, and the timer was Darius O. Vote counter was Kim I,
and grammarian was Rick S.

Remember to check the web site ( for your next role.

See you all next week!



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