Meeting Recap for December 12, 2012

Another wonderful meeting that was a lot of fun and we also learned a lot!  Dave S was our Toastmaster today and gave us a little introduction about the theme, SceneryNational Geographic, 124 years of scientific exploration! Who doesn’t like the breathtaking pictures that have been sprinkled throughout that classic magazine over the years? Thanks for the fun theme and all of your NG knowledge!

We were honored to have one of our newest members, Steven E, give his Ice-Breaker speech titled: “Read National Geographic? I Live National Geographic!” And if memory serves me correctly, he was a substitute speaker that only had a couple of days to put such a speech together. Talk about a scary missionary experience! Hearing Steven’s speech was one thing, but our President, Kevin M, could also picture some of the beautiful scenery of that green foliage Steven mentioned about in his speech! Steven was awarded today’s best “Speaker-of-the-Week” award with his great speech!

Cell PhoneOur second speaker, Oleg S, gave us a great speech about cell phones!  Of course he gave this speech in his usual, very humorous way, and we all got a great chuckle from the way he explains things to us. All I know is, I’m going to be particular about where I carry my cell phone from now on! He gave us a little history lesson on cell phones and we appreciate how well his English is coming along. We certainly look forward to hearing these speakers give more speeches in the future!

Clair S was our Table Topics Master and had some amazing questions that she would read off and you were thinking how grateful you were that she hasn’t called on you!  Fortunately, at the end of her reading the question, she would then simplify what she wanted you to respond to in a much easier sentence that didn’t scare the pants off of you! First up was Darius trying to tell us what he would do if his life were to end in seven days.  Believe it or not, he thought calling in sick to work every day and playing video games was the way to go! Next up was Michelle who had to tell us about her biggest fears, which I don’t think were all that uncommon – death and spiders!  Last up was today’s best “Table Topics Response-of-the-Week” winner, Candice C, where she was asked to tell us about a time when she camouflaged herself. She told us about a very fun and interesting situation where she needed to dress up like a boy that just didn’t work out!

The evaluation portion of the meeting was conducted by Becky C.  We appreciate Becky’s expertise and knowledge about Toastmasters and she did her usual great job despite starting out with a mind lapse!  She mentioned how wonderful it was to have all of our newest members involved in today’s meeting in some kind of role!  Evaluator #1 was LeeAnn who did an excellent job of evaluating Steven’s Ice Breaker and passed along several improvement points for his future speeches.  Toastmaster veteran, Dennis E, captured today’s best “Evaluator-of-the-Week” award with his great assessment of Oleg’s speech, including using the whiteboard for a visual.  We always appreciate Dennis’ wit and humor in these evaluations!


Reminder/Teaching Moment of the Week:

  • Remember to keep your speech focused on a specific point and purpose.

“If you can’t write your message in a sentence, you can’t say it in an hour.”     — Dianna Booher

If you have something you think we could all benefit from to make the Salt Lake Hardware Club even better, then please send to Craig and we will tell the group in above reminder/teaching moment!

We really appreciate the great job everyone did today in making the meeting so enjoyable!

See you all next week!



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