Meeting Recap for November 28 2012

A nice meeting today despite missing several of your smiley faces! Dennis E was our Toastmaster today and chose the theme of: “Themeless!” I believe he said it had something to do with procrastination but he wasn’t sure? Dennis was his typical funny self and we do enjoy his great sense of humor! He told us that he promises to be a better Toastmaster from now on! We’ll hold him to that, but he did a fine job!

Stylized FamilyCheryl E gave her 6th speech in the Competent Communicator Manual – ‘Vocal Variety’ – titled: “Funny Things Happen on the Way to a Family”. It’s amazing how much she has progressed since her first speech and we truly enjoy her conversational tone (borrowed from her evaluator, Dave S). Great stories about “Do you remember when …”.

Next up was Kathy D giving us her 7th speech from the same manual – ‘Research Your Topic’ – titled: “Sweet Perils”. Her speech told us all about the perils of, yes, sugar! I think we all have a better understanding of this highly addictive substance that most all of us simply can’t live without! Let’s all try to be a little sweeter, but not by consuming sugar – and this coming from the club’s Chocoholic!

Cheryl captured today’s Best-Speaker-of-the-Week award for her great speech!

Our president, Kevin M, volunteered to be our Table Topics master and chose the TT theme of, what else – Marijuana!  First up was one of our newest members, Steve E, who did a great job telling us why Marijuana should be legalized and the benefits thereof! He was followed by Michelle A, who IS our newest member and she too had lots to say about the “feel good” drug of choice. Darius O was the last of the volunteered contestants and expressed how we should all be able to do our own thing, including smoking Marijuana, as long as it doesn’t affect others! SpeakerSteve was today’s Best-Table-Topic-Response award of the day!

Darrell V was our General Evaluator and always does a great job and we appreciate his quick wit/humor as well. His first evaluator was Dave S, evaluating Cheryl’s speech. Dave continues to give his great evaluations and we all appreciate his balance of praise/instruction! Becky was our second evaluator, and gave us the low-down on Kathy’s speech. Becky is one of our club’s best evaluators and she also did a great job today and earned the Best Evaluator-of-the-Week award!


Reminder/Teaching Moment of the Week

A couple of things we can’t stress enough!

  • If you know in advance (before you are scheduled) you will be unable to attend a particular week be sure and let the VP Education (Scott P this year) know so he/she can enter this information into the computer and it won’t schedule you for any roles on those days.
  • If you are already scheduled for a role and something comes up where you can’t attend that meeting, be sure and let the Toastmaster know ASAP and reach out to the club for possible volunteer replacements (this doesn’t work real well with speeches).

If you have something you think we could all benefit from to make the Salt Lake Hardware Club even better, then please send them to me and we will tell the group in above reminder/teaching moment!

The club has another new member!  That’s right! Michelle took the Toastmaster plunge today and is the club’s latest member and we wish her the best in building her speaking and leadership skills with us! She was unanimously voted in at today’s meeting!

We really appreciate the great job everyone did today in making the meeting so enjoyable!

See you all next week!



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