Meeting Recap for October 31, 2012

Another fun and very enjoyable meeting today on this Halloween afternoon! Darius O, came dressed as a modern-day cowboy, complete with some kind of assault rifle in his holster as today’s Toastmaster and he did a great job!  The theme was, duh, “Halloween!”

Today’s first speaker was Jared S who gave us a very appropriate speech for today called:  “Cloak of Invincibility.”  Masked PhantomThis is project #5, Your Body Speaks, from the Competent Communicator Manual.  He did a fine job in telling us this – Best Speaker of the week – spooky story complete with his black cloak!
Dennis E was our second speaker and he was brave enough to give us a technical briefing from the advanced Technical Presentations Manual titled:  “Solutions Performance Management.”  Let’s just say there’s a reason why I haven’t delved into such a manual – yet.  It is not easy to liven up topics that just aren’t all that much alive.  Dennis still did a good job with the topic he was trying to present and we appreciate his effort.

Liz M was our Table Topics Master and presented the following tough questions for the following individuals:

Question Table Topic Person
The first Jack O Lanterns were made from turnips.  If you had to decorate and carve turnips for Halloween, how would you do it? Rich S
Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas.  Please comment. LeAnn D
Scottish girls believed they could see images of their future husband if they hung wet sheets in front of the fire on Halloween.  Other girls believed they would see their boyfriend’s faces if they looked into mirrors while walking downstairs at midnight on Halloween.  If you were, say, 13, whose face would you have seen – tell us about your boyfriend at that time and/or whose face would you have wanted to see? Cheryl E
The Village Halloween parade in New York City is the largest Halloween parade in the U.S.  The parade includes 50,000 participants and draws over 2 million spectators.  Assuming this parade gets postponed this year, would you agree or disagree with this decision and why? Candice C
If Halloween was not coming to your town, would you muster up a mini-celebration and how? Dave S
Tell us what Sanhainophobia means? Kevin M
Only 11.5% of the people will dress up their pets.  Have you ever dressed up your pet and if so, as what and how did it go? Craig M

Members then voted for their best Table Topic Response and the winner was our President – Kevin!

Dave S did his usual professional job of being our General Evaluator and was very positive about today’s meeting! Our first evaluator was Scott P who is really becoming a great evaluator.  gerald g dogHe evaluated Jared’s speech with some great examples of things that were done right and things that could be enhanced for future speeches.  Darrell V had the assignment of evaluating Dennis’ speech.  Darrell does an excellent job coming up with interesting ways of saying what he feels! Scott captured today’s Best Evaluator of the Week award for his frightening good evaluation.


Reminder/Teaching Moment of the Week:

“Avoid the tendency to go on, and on, and on.  Craft a coherent message and then be quiet.  Rambling on will only weaken your overall speech”  — Andrew Dlugan, Six Minutes Speaking and Presentation Skills blog.

“Fear is not a foe but a friend – a familiar companion that nagged me to do my best. Don’t think of fear as a deterrent.  It’s a kick in the rear to prepare”  — Helen Hayes

If you have something you think we could all benefit from to make The Salt Lake Hardware Club even better, then please send them to Craig M and we will tell the group in the above reminder/teaching moment.

We really appreciate the great job everyone did today in making the meeting so enjoyable!

See you all next week!



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