Meeting Recap for October 24, 2012

Man with a MicrophoneA very interesting and enjoyable meeting today full of fun and learning!  Kathy D was our Toastmaster and she did her usual stellar job of conducting today’s meeting with her theme of: “The Debate!”  Of course everyone has an opinion of the debates, even if that opinion is “what debates?”, so that led to a very lively meeting.

Darius O was our only speaker today and his speech titled: “Toastmasters and the FISTS of Friendship”. He was truly entertaining and fun to listen to!  FISTS standing for:  Filler, EvaluatIon, Sign, Time & Segue.  FistHe was filling in for a missing speaker and we really appreciate his willingness to do this just for all of us.  This was speech #5 in The Entertaining Speaker manual, and it was also Darius’10th advanced speech, which means he has now earned the Advanced Communicator Bronze award.  He joins five other club members that have also earned this award.  Congratulations,Darius!  And by the way, he also captured today’s “Best Speaker of the Day” award!

With only one speaker, that left us plenty of time for Table Topics.  I’m sorry that I can’t remember most of the responses to these questions, as I was trying to gather my thoughts about Darius’ speech as his evaluator – multi-tasking not being a strong suit of mine, apparently.  Let’s just say I believe they were all political debate-type questions, and we had the following pairs of individuals give an answer and then either a rebuttal or also an answer to the same question.  In speaking order they were:

Ellen C Lorianne O
Scott P Kevin M
Merrill B Michelle A
Melissa B Dave S
Darius O Kathy D

People then voted for their best Table Topic and the winners (a tie) were Michelle and Dave!  Both were awarded the “Best Table Topic Response” award for the day!  We must mention that this was Michelle’s second time in as many weeks doing Table Topics and she’s still only a guest (for now).  Merrill, our other guest, also participated in his first TT session and did a great job!

Oleg S conducted the evaluation portion of today’s meeting and we appreciate the great job our local Ukrainian is doing!  Craig was the lone evaluator.

Pumpkin wearing sunglassesHalloween - October 31

Don’t forget next week is Holloween.  
If you would like to come in costume – do it!  
If you want to bring goodies – do that too!  
Also if you have a role next week don’t pretend it snuck up on you.
You have been warned!


Reminder/Teaching Moment of the Week:

  • If you know in advance that you won’t be attending on a given Wednesday, be sure to send our VP of Education, Scott P, an e-mail so he can mark you out for and not schedule you for any role that particular week (or weeks).

If you have something you think we could all benefit from to make the Salt Lake Hardware Club even better, then please send them to Craig M and we will tell the group in the above reminder/teaching moment.

See you all next week!



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