Meeting Recap for October 10, 2012

This recap should not be abstruse, and hopefully you are all better off by attending today’s great meeting!  Our Toastmaster, Ellen C, picked an interesting theme for today’s meeting – “Legends of the Fall” – where she delivered some great stories that were downright scary!

Fall Scene

Our opening speech by LeeAnn D was titled “Keep it Snappy”, which is project #3 in the Competent Communicator manual.  She went into detail on how we can deliver better elevator speeches whenever we have the opportunity to go beyond, “What do you do for a living?”  We all know what the acronym:  “SHNAPPS” stands for, right?  Veteran Darius O was our second speaker today and entertained us with the 4th project in the advanced Entertaining Speaker manual – titled “Change in Salina”.  Darius did his usual great job and kept us all on our seats waiting to see whether he was going to fall off that roof or not!  He captured today’s “Best Speaker of the Week” award with his outstanding presentation.

Cartoon DragonRich S was today’s Table Topics Master, where he asked our President, Kevin M, what character in Camelot would he want to be and why?  Kevin chose the dragon because of all the hot air that comes out of him according to his wife.  Dennis E (welcome back!) was asked what kind of monster he would like to be and why?  It wasn’t easy for Dennis to decide on such a mean spirited beast, which just goes to show you what a big softy he must be!  He doesn’t want to be a mean monster, but the gentle, kind man, that he is!  Scott P was the next person that got volunteered and he had to decide on what character from the Wizard of Oz would he want to be and why?  He thought about being a Munchkin, but settled on the scarecrow, citing a brain is much needed to be involved in the crazy world of I.T.  When the votes were all counted, it was Kevin who captured the “Best Table Topic Response” award of the day!

We got to hear some nice assessments from our evaluators.  Dennis E, who volunteered for us at the last minute, was evaluating LeeAnn’s speech and did a great job!  He was followed by our local Ukrainian,Oleg O, who evaluated Darius’ speech.  Oleg has an interesting way of delivering information that’s always fun and different and we appreciate the progress he’s making as a speaker on a weekly basis!  Oleg’s nice review also captured today’s “Best Evaluator” award!


Reminder/Teaching Moment of the Week:

  • Introductions are a great way to let the club know a little bit more about you!  Be pro-active in getting your intro to the Toastmaster or the General Evaluator.

If you have something you think we could all benefit from to make the Salt Lake Hardware Club even better, then please send them to Craig M and we will tell the group in the above reminder/teaching moment!

Don’t forget next week’s “Open House” – Bring Guests!
Also remember to bring any food items you signed up for!

See you all next week!



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