Meeting Recap for October 3, 2012

I hope all of you that were at today’s meeting reaped the benefits of another great gathering!  Our Toastmaster and President, Kevin M, picked the theme “Fall Harvest” and even brought in Pumpkinpumpkins from his own garden to decorate our table!  We had two individuals, Liz M and Becky C, step up to the plate big time for our club by giving speeches that they didn’t even know they were giving until yesterday!  The club really appreciates such an act of service and hopefully we can all chip in for someone else, sometime!

Liz’s speech was based on her ‘running career’ and she told us all about the “Top Five Running Injuries” – several of these she has had firsthand experience!  She threw words at us like “patellofemoral” and things like that, but fortunately she translated these scary words into their English equivalent’s so we knew what she was talking about!  This was her 5th speech from the Competent Communicator manual – “Your Body Speaks”.

Becky followed Liz’s presentation with a speech on “Yoga Breathing Basics”.  I know of at least two different types of breathing: a) the kind you have when you’re sleeping real well;  b) the kind you have when you’re in front of The Salt Lake Hardware Club giving a speech!  Becky’s speech was from the advanced “Communicating on Television Manual” and she looks ready for prime time!  This speech captured today’s “Best Speaker-of-the-Day” award!

Darrell stepped in (a common theme in today’s meeting) to run Table Topics for us and he had some great questions for those that volunteered – and those that didn’t!  Scott P (the ONLY volunteer) got to talk to us about “Fall Colors” and did a great job!  Claire S responded to us about the O.J. Simpson trial and how she felt about the trial’s outcome – she mentioned the white, getaway vehicle!  Rich S was then volunteered and he chose his cherished topic, “politics” and told us why Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson would be his president of choice.  Rich was so smooth in his delivery (except for the occasional clicker noise that was carried out to perfection by Darius O) that he captured the “Best Table Topic Response” award of the day!

Ellen C (also filling in) was today’s General Evaluator and did an excellent job, especially her introduction of Cheryl!  Cheryl E did a great job in evaluating Liz’s speech and we appreciate how quickly her speaking skills are improving!  Our witty, Jared S, captured today’s “Best Evaluator” award with his wonderful evaluation of Becky’s speech!


Reminder/Teaching Moment of the Week:

  • It is unnecessary to send the group an e-mail if you can’t make it to a particular meeting if you DON’T have a role

“If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever.  Hit the point once, then come back and hit it again.  Then hit it again with a tremendous whack.”     — Winston Churchill

We would also like to congratulate Claire S as the newest member of the Salt Lake Hardware Club!  She was unanimously voted into the club today and we’re happy to have her!

We really appreciate the great job everyone did today in making the meeting so enjoyable!

See you all next week!



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