Meeting Recap for September 12, 2012

When it rains, it pours!  A great meeting despite having a few torrent like issues at the start!  We had the privilege of hearing two great speeches today which is always nice!

Scott P started us off with reminiscing about the past and talking about speeches and events that took place in the club in the past and then proposed a toast to the Salt Lake Hardware Club members complete with non-alcoholic bubbly!


Darrell V then gave us his “After Dinner Speech”, which is the 5th and final speech in the Entertaining Speaker series, titled “Changing the Rules of Golf”.   Darrell was awarded the “Speaker-of-the-Week” award with his great speech and this presentation gave him the 10 needed speeches beyond his Competent Communicator to earn his Advanced Communicator Bronze award!  Congratulations, Darrell!

Our president, Kevin M was today’s Table Topics Master.  He gave Candice CKim I and Craig M some interesting “rain” questions to answer with Candice capturing the best Table Topic response of the day award with her Crown Burger in the rain retort!


Our General Evaluator was Lorianne O who always does a great job no matter what assignment she is given.  She introduced us to Ellen C to evaluate Scott’s speech.
Dave S then had the privilege of evaluating Darrell’s speech and both of them did an outstanding job with Ellen capturing the best evaluator-of-the-week award with her review!

lightbulbReminder/Teaching Moment of the Week
(don’t anyone take this personal!)

  • It is the Toastmaster’s responsibility to print the agendas (or get someone to print them!)
  • It is the Grammarian’s responsibility to bring us a word-of-the-day!

We really appreciate the great job everyone did today in making the meeting so enjoyable!  We’d also like to thank everyone that filled some very important roles today without much notice!

See you all next week!



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